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How To Get A Good Deal On Movers

When it comes to a move then sometimes there is just no getting around the fact that you are going to need a bit of extra help. You already have the cost of a home move hanging over you, and now you are going to have to fork out some more money to pay for some moving professionals or a man with a van. There are a few things that can assist you in getting the best price and the best deal that might bring your cost down and can help you plan the extra budget you will need.

-    Go online. There are many comparison sites out there on the internet that can look into all the different companies and most of them will provide you with an easy, hassle-free quote over the internet. Decide if it’s a man and van you are after, where you will have to help with some of the work and won’t be able to fit as much, or maybe you want to look into a removal company that does it all for you. Either way, it is possible to find cheap removals services so get comparing.

-    Calculate the length of your trip. Sometimes, especially if you are hiring a van, the cost can go up depending on the mileage. Make sure you specify if you are only doing a small move and figure out how many miles it will actually total to from place to place. There are a few satellite navigation apps and sites available on the internet that will let you know the total mileage.

-    Find out the less popular days. Prices can go up because you are choosing to move on a more popular moving day. Just like booking a holiday, van hire goes up on the weekends and during holidays. If possible, avoid moving on these days; see if you can take a day off work and get things done during the week to bring the price down.

-    Call companies. If your internet search keeps coming up with high prices, then it might be a good idea just to get in touch with someone over the phone, find out why the costs are so high and ask if there is any way you can bring them down. The companies may be able to advise you on what parts of your home relocation you need to reconsider like timings or extra stuff.

-    Talk to friends. Sometimes on the off chance there is a friend who has wanted to get rid of a piece of furniture or wanted to buy some. If you hire a van you can offer to pick something up or drop something off for them and split the costs. If you are getting rid of any furniture, give your friends first dibs and just have them contribute to the van cost to get the item to them.

-    Always go local. Local companies will work out cheaper, especially when vans calculate price on mileage. You don’t want the distance of actually getting to and from you in the first place to be adding up. If the price search is high, then make sure it’s not because you are choosing a company that is quite far away. There are lots of local movers that you will be able to quickly and easily get to. Always remember to confirm prices before you get started and read any small print to check out the movers’ specific rules to ensure you relocation is a smooth one.